Best-in-class training materials and certificate

Training Materials & Certificate

Say "No" to flimsy handouts. Take home a proper training manual that you can reference for years to come

There is a growing trend these days to provide flimsy handouts or a PDF containing some basic training notes.

We don't think that's right!

Best in class raining manuals

There's nothing quite like getting a proper training manual with some serious weight behind it. A chunky manual with substance. A manual that gets used!

That said, we don't like fluff and we don't add useless filler or dilute good content. Open up any page in our manuals and you'll find concisely-written step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and lots of pictures.

We believe you shouldn't have to wade through lots of words to discover what you need. Get straight to the point. Nobody like being with people who prattle on!

Professionally bound with strong wire coil and protected with a frosted 250 micron presentation cover, these training materials won't fall apart with constant use. Valued at $44 each, every course participant gets one with their training.

Certificate of Completion

Okay, so you've reached the end of the day. You've worked hard, learnt lots and we like to leave you with a little reminder of your accomplishment - a certificate of completion.

Some people frame them and display them with pride "front and centre".

Others couldn't give a hoot and give it to their kids to colour in.

But we think its nice. We think you've earned it. No pomp and ceremony. Just a simple token of our appreciation to say thanks for attending.